AACAP Health Information Technology (HIT) Committee

Initially formed in January 2011 as a task force, the Health Information Technology Committee is tasked to fulfill the following goals:


  • To develop educational resources to assist AACAP members in understanding the rapidly evolving field of health information technology (HIT) and its application in the practice of child and adolescent.

  • To promote the use of HIT among members for the purpose of improving the clinical and service quality for patients, and to help AACAP members make informed decisions regarding the acquisition of HIT resources for their practices.


  • To formulate AACAP positions, policies, and recommendations regarding the protection of the interests of mentally ill children, adolescents, and their families in the development of standards for the design and use of HIT resources.

  • To represent AACAP and its members in policy forums related to HIT?to ensure that the clinical and professional interests of child and adolescent psychiatrists are considered in the development of HIT policy at state and federal levels.


  • To monitor emerging trends and developments in HIT industry and policy, and to inform AACAP membership and leadership of pertinent issues and opportunities for child and adolescent psychiatrists.

Contact Clinical@aacap.org for more information from the committee, additional resources or to connect for collaboration.