Advocacy and Technology

Health information technology is being rapidly deployed throughout the healthcare system in both general healthcare delivery settings as well as mental health settings. AACAP is working with the APA, AAP and other professional organizations to address the issues of compliance and privacy issues specific for psychiatric patients and children and their families in the medical records. As government and commercial incentive programs are driving the adoption of electronic health record (EHR) systems, AACAP is joining with partner organizations to ensure that the specifications of information systems adequately take into consideration the special characteristics inherent in both pediatric and mental health service delivery.

The Task Force on Health Information Technology, now the Health Information Technology Committee, has addressed concerns about confidentiality issues within health information technology with a policy statement that was approved by Council on November 27, 2012. Policy Statement: Confidentiality in HIT.

AACAP Response to Federal Regulation on HIT

AACAP regularly provides input on the implementation of federal laws related to child psychiatry and children's mental health by providing comments to federal agencies during the development of regulations. Below are links to AACAP's comments specifically on regulations focusing on the EHR.

AACAP Response to 21st Century Cures Act

AACAP at the request of its membership has curated a set of frequently asked questions as it relates to the 21st Century Cures Act. Given the unique challenges for child psychiatry, this FAQ provides guidance as we navigate the expectations around open notes and sharing with patients and families. 

21st Century Cures Act Introduction and FAQs for Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists (May 2021)

Additional Advocacy Resources will be added as needed. Please reach out to if you have or need additional advocacy resources for HIT.