Subspecialty Training/Different Careers in Child Psychiatry

Academic Psychiatry
Academic psychiatry focuses on enhancing education, developing curriculum, and establishing training programs for the cultivation of successful physicians.

Forensic Psychiatry
A forensic psychiatrist provides services to facilitate adjudicative processes in a courtroom setting, such as determination of competency to stand trial, defenses based on mental diseases or defects, and sentencing recommendations.

Infant Psychiatry
Infant and early childhood psychiatry focuses on the promotion of mental health in infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families, and the intervention of maladaptive patterns to prevent future problems.

Psychoanalysis/Private Practice
A career in psychoanalysis allows a psychiatrist to understand a child in the context of the child's development, family, culture, and inner conflicts and strengths, while ensuring personalized care based on clinical perspectives of behavior.

Research in Child Psychiatry
My career as a child & adolescent psychiatrist, with a focus on clinical research, has been exciting, challenging, and phenomenally rewarding. It has significantly evolved over the 14 years since completing my fellowship, from full-time clinician to full-time researcher/administrator.

Systems of Care
Work in schools, community mental health centers, psychiatric treatment programs, social service organizations, juvenile justice programs, and primary health care organizations to coordinate services that effectively address the needs of these children while allowing them to remain in their community.