The AACAP Mentorship Network is a network of AACAP members committed to mentoring medical students, residents, and early career psychiatrists.

The Mentorship Network aims to:

  • Identify and recruit AACAP members who are enthusiastic about mentorship;
  • Set up initial contacts between mentors and mentees;
  • Provide high quality mentors to medical students, residents, and early career psychiatrists interested in child and adolescent psychiatry;
  • Recruit medical students and residents into child and adolescent psychiatry; and
  • Enhance careers and build relationships between mentors and mentees.

Who can sign up to be a mentor?
Any AACAP member from ECPs to Life Members can sign up to be a mentor. We need mentors in ALL regions of the United States and all are welcome! Sign up to become a mentor here!

Who can sign up to be a mentee?
Any medical student, resident, or ECP member can request a mentor. Sign up to become a mentee here!

Mentorship Resources
Check out this FAQ for more information on the AACAP Mentorship Network.

Looking for more information about mentorship? Click here for some references to literature on mentorship and mentoring.

Click here to read Time to Mentor a Medical Student, written by Geraldine Fox, M.D., M.H.P.E. and featured in AACAP News!

For more information on the Mentorship Network, please contact the AACAP's Research, Training, and Education Department at